Friday, December 28, 2012

Business Plan Pro Premier Review

Business Plan Pro Premier Desktop Edition - Review

Whether you're looking for investors or seeking funding through financial institutions, an effective business plan is necessary to turn your dream business into reality. Among the many business plan resources available to help you create a strategic business plan that gets results, none can offer the same professional results as Business Plan Pro Premier Desktop Edition.

Created by the Expert

Business Plan Pro Premier Desktop Edition boasts a feature that no other business plan product on the market can claim; the software program was designed with the input of Tim Berry who is widely regarded as the expert in strategic business plan development. Berry personally oversaw the design of the software program to ensure that it creates an effective business plan that will get results for each and every user. With your purchase, you'll also receive access to an online business plan writing course led by Tim Berry and two of his business planning ebooks for no extra charge!

Complete Business Planning Tool

The ultimate business plan product, Business Plan Pro Premier Desktop Edition contains everything that you need to create your own business plan. With the Premier Desktop Edition, you'll receive:

  • Industry data for more than 9,000 industries, perfect for making projections
  • Legal business plan resources to answer your questions about start-ups, licensing and more
  • Powerful applications to produce every graph, table and chart needed for an effective business plan
  • Access to discounted and free business resources

Financials Made Simple

For many entrepreneurs, the most challenging part of creating a strategic business plan is putting together the financial information. That's why Business Plan Pro Premier makes preparing the financial section as easy as plugging numbers into a form. There's absolutely no mathematics required; the business plan pro premier product does it all!

Plus, you'll enjoy many great features in the financials section of the program, including:

  • Industry-standard formatting that produces financials in the form required by SBA and most financial institutions
  • Easy-to-understand explanations and examples of all of the financial information required, so you know which figures to plug-in where
  • Drag and drop forecasting tool greatly simplifies projections
  • Advanced spreadsheets allow for organization and categorization
  • Import feature lets you transfer data from Excel directly into the software
  • Investment analysis tool enables you to look at your business through the eyes of an investor, allowing you to wow at presentations when you have the exact numbers they request
  • Error checking feature double-checks every section of your business plan

Start your Business Plan with the #1 best-selling Business Planning Software - Business Plan Pro Premier

Full Product Support

You simply won't find an easier-to-use business planning product than Business Plan Pro Premier, but you may still find yourself with questions as you work to develop an effective business plan. That's why you'll receive full product support from Palo Alto software as well as a powerful in-program help feature that provides additional examples and instructions.

With Business Plan Pro Premier Desktop Edition, there's no reason to delay starting on your strategic business plan. Order the software now for an instant download and access to the numerous business plan resources that come with the world's most powerful, easy-to-use business plan product.